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You probably receive, read, scan, glance, share and send thousands of articles and travel insights ... but still find yourself scratching you head when looking for one resource to help you explore the top of the destination decision funnel - where to go and the "must do's" while you are there.

The Avventure Channel brings together the best travel videos and adventure lifestyle videos into one place. We scour the Internet daily to find the latest destination and adventure travel videos.

There are scores of professional and user-generated videos published freely on websites, such as YouTube, all with the goal: "to be seen." We expertly organize them into their natural travel destinations, share our opinions and offer them in a familiar channel-style format. Finally, we provide you the links to the content producer for you to easily pursue the "avventure" which interests you!

If you're are looking to travel soon or just want to find a new adventure, sit back, explore and be inspired! Once you've viewed our feature travel destination videos, please visit our Travel Offers page for a variety of special offers to plan your trip. You'll find great deals for air, accommodations, cruises, tours and more!